Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

To the supreme tulku, Sogyal Rinpoche, noble vajra brother of unequalled love and kindness,

When I heard the extremely sad news that Tsering Chödrön, the incomparable yogini worthy of all our heartfelt respect and devotion, had departed into the realm of peace, I was overcome by tremendous grief and sadness, almost as if my heart and mind burst open for a moment. Especially when I considered how this year, as I will be coming to Lerab Ling, I had so much looked forward to meeting her there, now for my hopes to be dashed in this way, as if the sun and moon had been stolen during an eclipse, I feel a boundless sense of loss. Still, this is the very nature of the world, and as long as we have not gone beyond it we are powerless to change things, and all I can do is request Rinpoche and all your close friends and students not to become too despondent.

All of us here, including my own companions and students, will practise with unwavering devotion and samaya for the fulfilment of all Khandro Rinpoche’s wishes and intentions. For the duration of the forty-nine days, we will practise, to the very best of our abilities, the profound path of Guru Yoga, in which the great Guru of Uddiyana, the Jamgön Lama Chökyi Lodrö and the foremost of dakinis, Tsering Chödrön, are all inseparably united within the essence of vajra body, speech and mind. I wanted to let you know this, so that you could please keep it in mind.

With wishes for Rinpoche’s good health and with countless respectful prostrations, this was offered by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and all his students from Kunsangar South (in Crimea).


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