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  1. Pema Palmo says:

    Homage to Khandro-la, Queen of the Dakini !
    The first time I have met Khandro-la and received her blessing changed my life.
    She made me open a door in my heart and showed me that behind fear there is light.
    She showed me that one is able to transforme dark in light, and share it like a rainbow.
    She gave me strength to still believe in the little things.
    The last time I have met Khandro-la and received her blessing changed my life.
    She was smiling, seeing my impatience like a young horse.
    Her love protected me like a Great Mother.
    Patience, patience…
    Now time has come, may we all put her wisdom into action for the benefit of all sentient beings !
    And may we make her heart shining like a star in a blue sky, spreading her blessings more and more !

  2. Khenpo Sonam Tobden says:

    ༈ རྒྱལ་བ་ཀུན་གྱི་གསང་བའི་ཡུམ་ཆེན་མོ་དེ་ལ་ཕྱག་འཚལ་ལོ་མཆོད་དོ་སྐྱབས་སུ་མཆི་འོ༎









  3. Eribel says:

    Here is my tribute to this Lady of Wisdom:

    Precious Moments.
    It was in the seventies during Khandroma Tsering Chodrons visit to London that I was allowed to participate in an outing with her.
    Since it was her first visit to europe the tour began with a visit to Harrods ,the famous shopping center at Knightsbridge.It was thought that Khandroma-la might be interested to explore such a monument to western life style.
    Khandroma-la went through most departments at a brisk pace.She was repeatedly offered a variety of gifts by Riga ,the Tibetan Lady who accompanied her .But Khandroma-la always smiled and said she did not need anything.She was so totally in the moment and down to earth.
    She did stop for a few seconds to inspect the carpets on offer and seemed to exchange a few words with Riga about the lack of workmanship and quality.In any case she was so completely detached from all these beautiful and desirable objects.
    As we prepared to leave and stood in the huge entry hall Khandroma-la asked us to stop and invited us to offer together with her all we had seen to Guru Rinpoche and all the Buddhas.
    Then she folded her hands in the mudra and offered a mandala right there in the center of Harrods with great humility and indescribable dignity
    Later in the day we visited a small English village and walked on a pebble path through a churchyard.
    Suddenly Khandroma-la stopped and picked up a pebble.She held it up and said ‘It looks like Guru Rinpoche’.She then said ‘Guru Rinpoche is everywhere and in everything’.
    It may have been translated by Riga but I felt she was talking to me directly and the message went deep into my heart and mind.
    Circumstances did not allow me to meet her again for any length of time.
    But I have never forgotten these precious moments and will always treasure them.

  4. Whispers from the mother of Buddhas.( i did not know who i had written this for…now i know)

    She whispers she is here,
    She whispers she is even there,
    She whispers she is every where,
    She whispers she is existence stripped bare.

    Bare of concepts,
    Bare of even precepts,
    Bare, without cause thus no effect,
    Bare and naked, simply perfect.

    Naked, she is knowledge,
    Naked she is the space beyond the edge,
    Naked, she is without and within,
    Naked, you have to look deep into everything only then is she seen.
    -Karma Dendup

  5. How much I love her
    How much I miss her
    Though she is more here then ever and will always be here
    I will always miss her
    Serving and being close to her was the best that ever happened to me
    May I be able to repay her infinite kindness
    in serving all beings

    Each moment with her was so precious. To be in her unconditional love and divine presence, her amazing simplicity and naturalness was such a gift.

  6. Lucia & Eric Kerns says:

    That we may be able to abandon completely and without hesitation the many
    lures of our confusion and no longer loose ourselves in childish
    distractions and fabrications;

    That our practice and kindness of heart may be as pure and pervasive as
    those embodied by the great dakini Khandro Tsering Chödron;

    That we too may find divine grace and infinite treasure in the majesty of
    the humble heart;
    Not to seek anything but what is already there.

    That we may free ourselves completely of our preoccupation with our own
    well-being and pleasure, and with carefree abandon dedicate ourselves
    completely to the benefit of all sentient beings;

    Without fear, and in complete trust and devotion,
    Be as we are in our deepest nature
    Free and yet completely dedicated
    With every breath we take.

    That we may be guided on our path by the wisdom and love and the example
    that Khandro Tsering Chödron radiated into this world;
    And humbly follow in her footsteps.

    For this we pray and dedicate our humble offering
    In gratitude for the opportunity to be part in this small way of the
    celebration of the life and liberation of this great Dakini,
    Whom we did not have the great fortune of meeting but who has come alive in
    our hearts due to the great devotion demonstrated and shared by Sogyal
    Rinpoche, without whom we would not even know a single thing.

    In the hope that we too may one day understand.


    In gratitude,
    Eric & Lucia Kerns

  7. Nada Vukovic says:

    Einerseits spricht man nicht mit “anderen”über die eigene Erfahrungen, anderseits kann es nutzlich sein denn der “andere”ist eine Illusion:
    Eines Tages während des KH Retreats 10/1 1hörte ich diesen wunderbaren Chant undfand es in Zamshop als Tsok Lu (Shower of blessings Nr.15).
    Mitte Mai 11 kopierte ich es 27x auf eine CD und hörte und hörte…
    Tage später in Traum chantete Khandro gekleidet in Strahlend gelbe Robe und sagte Dinge.

    Wie erstaunlich zu bezeugen dass der Segen, das intuitive-gespiegelte Wissen,die Gnosis JETZT verfügbar und mit uns – ob König oder Bettler, sind.

  8. véropema dé Charles from Paris says:

    An incommensurable gratitude for blessing’s Sogyal Rinpoché near Khandrola, He’s given me in HER PRESENCE in Lerab Ling, when Nyoshul Ken Rinpoché and Her came in Lérab Ling..
    She was as my spiritual mother…
    May we all be able to really enter in these enlightenmented beeings’s Noble Family…
    Thank’s a lot and all my sincere condoleance

  9. The first time I encountered Khandrola was on a short walk I took during the 1996 summer retreat in Lerab Ling, France. The interaction was swift; she really just acknowledged my greeting her with hands folded. However, it left a deep impression on me, a point from which unchanging devotion blossomed.

    The next time I saw Khandrola was more than a decade later.
    She had moved to Lerab Ling to stay with us. Her health was delicate and I was asked to give her acupuncture. I treated her every other day for quite some time.

    In the later part of the three year retreat, I was asked if I could imagine myself to take over the coordination for Khandrola’s care after the three year retreat. I happily accepted.

    I coordinated a small team of people to attend her at all times.

    The benefit from having been in her presence is inconceivable. The inner transformation and spiritual growth she inspired by her presence is beyond measure. I am so deeply grateful for having been able to serve her.

    She never formally took the role of a teacher but for me she always was my beloved teacher, a great women master. Serving her was the teaching.

    Her love transformed all that came into contact with her. Most students cried after receiving a blessing from her. She touched everyone’s heart. Not in a big dramatic way but in her subtle vast and “ordinary” way. A gesture, a touch, a gaze would be enough to penetrate deep into someone’s heart and to have them melt in devotion.

    She was beyond this world.

    I can not describe my feeling of loss.

    I miss her.

    In love and devotion.

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