5 Responses to Video

  1. Stefan Mulder says:

    amazing… moving an grateful to have met this great woman master during some of my Lerab ling retreats

  2. JJ Loyonnet says:

    I am witnessing an very special event in this life time of mine that Khandro is being enlightened.
    I did not know how much realized and accomplised Dakini she was. I saw her anbulating around stupa in Lerab Ling August 2007. I feel that I am so forunate to have seen her in person.
    Thank you for sharing this event.
    More and more I realize that how lucky I am to have met and following my Lama, Sogyal Rinpoche who is directly linked to all the authentic maters.
    May I follow your steps!

  3. Dee Levy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video. It is so good to be living in this time. Dee levy

  4. britt louis says:


  5. jarry nicole says:

    aucun mot ne peut traduire l’émotion ni l’amour que dégage kandro son seul regard inspire la foi Merci d’avoir permis de voir cette vidéo

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