Donations for the Stupa

12-stupaAll those who were touched by Khandro’s presence and inspired by her extraordinary example are invited to contribute towards building a commemorative stupa in her honour at Lerab Ling.

A stupa, or chorten, is symbolic representation of the enlightened mind of the Buddha and is one of the most known and sacred of all Buddhist symbols and monuments. Contributing towards the construction of a stupa is said to bring inconceivable benefit to the donor, both now and in future lives.

Please make a donation to the Khandro Memorial Fund. Thank you for your generosity to this very special project!

1 Response to Donations for the Stupa

  1. Lucia & Eric Kerns says:

    That we may be able to abandon completely and without hesitation the many
    lures of our confusion and no longer loose ourselves in childish
    distractions and fabrications;

    That our practice and kindness of heart may be as pure and pervasive as
    those embodied by the great dakini Khandro Tsering Chödron;

    That we too may find divine grace and infinite treasure in the majesty of
    the humble heart;
    Not to seek anything but what is already there.

    That we may free ourselves completely of our preoccupation with our own
    well-being and pleasure, and with carefree abandon dedicate ourselves
    completely to the benefit of all sentient beings;

    Without fear, and in complete trust and devotion,
    Be as we are in our deepest nature
    Free and yet completely dedicated
    With every breath we take.

    That we may be guided on our path by the wisdom and love and the example
    that Khandro Tsering Chödron radiated into this world;
    And humbly follow in her footsteps.

    For this we pray and dedicate our humble offering
    In gratitude for the opportunity to be part in this small way of the
    celebration of the life and liberation of this great Dakini,
    Whom we did not have the great fortune of meeting but who has come alive in
    our hearts due to the great devotion demonstrated and shared by Sogyal
    Rinpoche, without whom we would not even know a single thing.

    In the hope that we too may one day understand.


    In gratitude,
    Eric & Lucia Kerns

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