Khandro Tsering Chödrön 27

Photo by Mark Tracy

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3 Responses to Khandro Tsering Chödrön 27

  1. Amano Tracy says:

    I made this photograph of Khandro La sometime in the mid 1990’s
    It was not easy to get to see her. There was the journey to Sikkim and then the guards hanging around.
    Yet she knew me and there was a wonderful welcome!
    Its’ not easy to express in words the situation, the silence of the place, where chams dances were once held …
    the photograph is a wordless memory, a record of her being in this place!
    Mark Tracy

  2. Actually, this photo is probably from my first visit in 1990 … its’ a long time ago but feels like yesterday!
    Visited perhaps 3 times yet the experience was timeless!
    She used to have a dog … it once ate 3 kyapsey (Tibetan cookies) then refused any more!
    its’ rare to meet a dog that will only eat so much
    it is even rarer to meet someone like Khandro!

  3. I have found the original negative for this image and am planning to do a limited edition set of prints!
    The cost of the print will reflect the material cost (archival printing quality,postage) only; about 25 euro I expect for an A3 size print.
    If anyone is interested in obtaining an art quality fine print then please let me know via …
    One can of course buy this print from Zam but I am offering something special to mark this occasion.
    Tashi Delek
    Mark Tracy

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